StartupKit company culture

Why we’re building this

We want to help entrepreneurs find the best tools for their startups, and to help them simplify their workflows In other words, we want to help entrepreneurs put a man on the moon. We do this because we’re obsessed with technology, learning, entrepreneurship, and productivity.

Our product recommends to every entrepreneur a few tools which best fit his role and startup. There will be more than 100.000 tools available for startups, and probably more than 1B founders by 2020. Imagine the possibilities!

The Team

We are a small team doing our best to create a big impact. We’re a startup keeping everything lean, smart, and agile. We believe that bright people will always want to work with their peers, so everyone in the team is already an expert in something as (s)he has already been working on her/his obsession for more than 5-6 years. Also, we highly value high performance - we want to achieve excellence with everything we’re doing. We want to be helpful, not to create even more problems in the world. So StartupKit brings together smart, experienced, and a little obsessed peeps.

The organisational chart

StartupKit is a flat company, and that means we don’t have managers. We have team leaders for each project, and anyone from the team can take the lead if (s)he’s is willing to do so. For instance, if you want to improve the recommendation algorithm, you form a team with a designer and a database architect, and take the lead of this project. On other projects, they may be your team leaders.

Working with OKRs

StartupKit is an OKR-driven company. Every quarter, we set up new objectives and key results for the company. Then every team member designs his personal OKRs connected to those of the company, and at the end of each quarter, we evaluate the progress. Take a look here to understand more about the OKRs system.

Taking risks

We admire entrepreneurs, and we believe that every team member is one of them. There are moments when a decisions has to be made, and there’s no time to call and talk to everybody. In this case, take the risk, make your decision and let’s move fast. If you’re wrong, we can fix it. But if you’re afraid, you’re blocking yourself and the company. And this is something we can’t fix.

The Office

For the moment, we don’t have a physical office, and we encourage our teammates to work from open places in the cities they’re living in. We will probably rent some places in a coworking space in San Francisco once we’re profitable but everyone can work from wherever they want. Actually, we love people that work and travel in the same time.

Working hours

We don’t have working hours. Everybody can work as much as (s)he wants. The only important thing is to deliver something every day, except Saturdays and Sundays. We have very few meetings so once you booked one in the calendar, you better show up in time. This is how we value and respect others.

Work retreats

Twice a year we go to work retreats in exotic places such as Thailand, South Africa, the Philippines, or whatever place the team feels inspired by. We will be there between 1 and 4 weeks in order to work together on core projects. During this period, we’re also going to launch side projects that may be helpful to the company, or to the team. It’s an excellent exercise to build something super fast and keep our minds fresh.

Peer reviews

Every 6 month, we spend a few days reviewing each others, giving and receiving feedback. We want to learn how to be better at what we’re doing as professionals and as team members.

People joining our team

We want to be highly productive, and in order to achieve this, people joining our team have to be a little obsessed and passionate about what they’re doing. They have to be those kind of people that turn their passions into businesses while having a good and balanced life.

In order to be part of StartupKit, you have to be accepted by at least 2 people from the team, and take the challenge to push everything to 100x than normal. It’s a common knowledge that a great developer is 100x more productive than a mediocre one, and we think that it’s the same in every domain. We want our teammates to be scary smart people, and their knowledge to help us to constantly deliver better and better results. If you’re like this, let us know no matter what expertise you have. At the moment, we’re actively looking for front end engineers, UI designers, and growth hackers but we’re open to any suggestion and idea.


Every team member has the option to buy shares in the company. There is a simple algorithm for salaries and shares as we want to be transparent when it comes to how much money we’re making. Compensations depend on performance KPI’s and on the company revenue.

The trial period

There is a trial period of 1 month. After working together during this period, we’ll agree if there’s a fit or not between us. If it is, you’ll be welcomed to the team. If it’s not, you’ll receive twice the monthly salary and you’re free to go.

I’d love to meet you on Twitter: @vladstan


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